November 2017 - Jiri Schimer was awarded Visegrad Group Academies Young Researcher Award

Jiří Schimer was awarded 2017 Visegrad Group Academies Young Researcher Award for Biomedicine. Congratulations!


October 2017 - Petr Cígler was awarded Neuron Impuls

Petr Cígler is among the winners of Neuron Impuls supporting the best projects in basic research in Czech Republic. His project is focused on investigation of short microRNA (miRNA) molecules which are present in all cells. Their malfunction can lead to serious illnesses. Petr wants to get a closer look and explore how the miRNA is produced and how it works in living cells. (In Czech)[loadData]=1&itemKey=en_196 (IOCB web site news)


foto Makréta Maradová

July 2017 - We welcome a new group member Jiří Schimer

We welcome a new postdoctoral fellow to our group Jiří Schimer.

December 2016 - Petr Cigler was awarded NML Researcher Award

The NML Researcher Award is established to recognize research excellence in the field of nano and micro science, with special consideration for those who have continuously made outstanding contributions to the development of science in last three years. In 2016, 15 researchers from institutions such as Harvard Medical School, MIT, Harvard University, and University College London were awarded. The winners also got 2000 USD bonus.

NMR Award Cigler


November, 2016 - Helča Raabová won a poster prize on Nanocon

We congratulate to Helena Raabová for her success with her poster at Nanonoc 2016 conference.











September, 2016 - Our lab welcomes three new members

We are happy to welcome new members to our group - Václav Vaněk (postdoctoral fellow), Marek Kindermann (Ph.D. student) and Lenka Wohlrábová (Bc. student).

November 2015 - New group members

We cordially welcome a new group member Goutam Pramanik who will stay as a postdoctoral fellow in our group.

January, 2015 - Jitka's paper in Nanoscale Blog

Nanoscale web writer, Dr Dhiraj Bhatia chosen Jitka's paper "Designing the nanobiointerface of fluorescent nanodiamonds: highly selective targeting of glioma cancer cells" for highlighting in Nanoscale blog.

December 2014 - Cover in Nanoscale

Cover Nanoscale 2014 mediumJitka's paper accompanied by a brilliant graphics from Mgr. Karel Cettl has a cover in Nanoscale.

The paper is open access:!divAbstract

June 2014 - Honza Havlik's video on nanodiamonds

Watch Honza Havlik's popularization video on nanodiamonds shot within the Academy of Science project "Open Science - The Adventurers of Knowledge", © SSČ AV ČR, v. v. i.

April 2014 - Video about our research

Vote for our video on PRIMA ZOOM! 

You can help us to win in Prima ZOOM Neuron Prize for the best scientific video! Just click on the following link and vote for us.




The full video is also here: