Uncovering Structure-Cytotoxicity Relationship of α-Synuclein Aggregates
IOCB Collaborative Interdisciplinary Program
Petr Cigler - co-investigator


Nanopaticle-Based Intraoperative Locoregional Cancer Diagnostics
GA CR project Nr. 18-17071S (Czech Science Foundation)
Petr Cigler - principal investigator


Advanced fluorescent gold nanoclusters and their DNA-programmable assembly
GA CR project Nr. 18-12533S (Czech Science Foundation)
Petr Cigler - co-investigator


Visualization of the invisible – a novel way to detection of individual miRNA molecules in living cells
Neuron Impuls Grant
Petr Cigler - principal investigator


Spin-based nanolytics – Turning today’s quantum technology research frontier into tomorrow’s diagnostic devices (NanoSpin)
ERA-NET/QuantERA Project
Petr Cigler - co-investigator


Chemical biology for drugging undruggable targets (ChemBioDrug)
European Regional Development Fund; OP RDE, Project No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000729
Petr Cigler - co-investigator


Use of plasmonic nanoparticles for in vitro diagnostics
Ministry of industry and trade, project No. FV10755
Petr Cigler - principal investigator


Quantum detection technologies: nanodiamond for sensing in intracellular environment
GA CR project Nr. 16-16336S (Czech Science Foundation)
Petr Cigler - principal investigator


Nanofiber drug carriers for controlled release of wound healing substances based on the encapsulation of functionalized
nanodiamond particles
AZV project Nr. 15-33094A
Petr Cigler - co-investigator


Past projects

Biocompatibilization and targeting of nanoparticles for imaging of cancer cells
GA UK project Nr. 727816 (Grant agency of Charles University)
Jitka Neburková - principal investigator

Biocompatible nanodiamond probes for in vivo multimodal bioimaging
GA CR project Nr. P108/12/0640 (Czecch Science Foundation)
Petr Cigler - principal investigator

Biocompatibilization and Targeting of Nanoparticles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
MSMT CR grant project Nr. LH11027
Petr Cigler - principal investigator
03/ 2011 - 12/2014